Organizer Guidelines

The following guidelines are listed in chronological manner, which start with a file checklist that needs to be prepared prior to publication on the UGM Digital Press. It is followed by file naming to distinguish each file from one another, file uploading and publication agreement.

File Checklist

A file checklist that is supplied by the UGM Digital Press will allow the conference organizers to conveniently prepare their proceedings upon submission. Please refer to the list below

  • Publication right form signed by at least one author from each manuscript that is already accepted by the conference organizers. Please make a dedicated folder under the name Publication Right Form to store the forms.
  • Statement of Peer Review form that must be completely filled out by the conference organizer.
  • Manuscripts with .docx extension that are already written based on the UGM Digital Press official template. Please make a dedicated folder under the name Manuscripts to store all manuscripts.
  • Table of Contents
  • Preface

Table of Contents

Conference organizers must sort the manuscript on the table of contents that is based on the alphabetical order of the names of authors. All titles must be put in bold with article number consisting of 5 digits. For instance, the first article that appears on the proceeding will be assigned article number 00001. Please refer to the example of Table of Contents below: Tabel of Contents


In this section, preface must include several information regarding the conference itself such as the organizers and the participants, with which elaborated more by mentioning their affiliated institutions, country of origins and affiliated scholarly publishers. It should be noted that although the conference name may be treated as an umbrella event that accommodates a variety of scholarly manuscripts under different field of studies, conference organizers must elaborate the contents of each manuscript in 160 characters which exclude the title itself. Therefore, it will allow readers to get a glimpse of the aim of conference itself. This preface functions as an interest-grabbing introduction that can possibly propel readers to further explore proceeding series at the UGM Digital Press. In brief, it is to the merit of each conference organizers to write their own preface depending on their preference and style.

Preparing The Files

All files have to be sent in a single file archive (both .zip or .rar extension is accepted). Since the approximate file combination may exceed the allocated attachment space on most email providers, thus it is recommended for all organizers to upload them to a cloud service through Please refer to further instruction below in using

Upon archiving, please bear in mind that the file naming must be consistent with the format below:

  • The manuscripts that the UGM Digital Press expect must be in a raw format that still use .docx extension. Rename all the files based on the article numbers along with first author’s full name, first as illustrated by the format below:
    <short title/acronym of the conference>_<article number that starts with 00001>_<first name-last name of first author>
    ICST2018_00001_Annisa Istighfari.docx
    ICST2018_00002_Deha Agus Umarhadi.docx
  • Rename the statement of peer review with this format:
    <short title/acronym of the conference>_<year>
    ICST2018_Statement of Peer Review
  • Rename each publication right form in accordance to the manuscript format above. It should be noted that the files ought to be saved in .pdf extension.
    <short title/acronym of the conference>_<article number that starts with 00001>_<first name-last name of first author>
    ICST2018_00001_Annisa Istighfari.pdf
    ICST2018_00002_Desa Agus Umarhadi.pdf
  • Once all files are in one single archive, please rename them into this format:
    <short title/acronym of the conference>_<year>

Sending The Files to UGM Digital Press

This section will explain further in using as a means to submit all manuscripts for the UGM Digital Press. Please follow the instruction below to upload prepared archives.

  • Go to
  • Click “Send Files” and select the archived files.
  • Click “File Chosen, continue”.
  • Make sure you have chosen “Send via Email”. Fill “Emails of recipients” with
  • Fill out an email address, preferably the official email address assigned by the conference organizer.
  • Fill the “Message” section with the assigned Reference of The Quote that can be found in the Publishing Agreement form. It will allow the identification process by the administrator in convenient way.

Publication Process

Once the UGM Digital Press receive all related files, assessment team will review and check to see if all manuscripts meet the merit of the UGM Digital Press guidelines. There is no specific deadline as to when the UGM Digital Press should expect manuscripts, but it should be noted that the longer the conference organizers send the file, a delay in publication is expected since the UGM Digital Press operates on a first-come first-served basis.

Once the UGM Digital Press finish all assessment for publication, conference organizers will receive invoice statement and publishing agreement to be signed and returned to the UGM Digital Press.

Should there be a change that needs to be done in the future, authors must personally address this issue to the UGM Digital Press and request a revision. This may mean updating or refining specific contents on the manuscript by means of omitting, adding, restating and the like. The manuscripts may appear on repositories affiliated with the UGM Digital Press. However, there is no way for the UGM Digital Press administrators in expediting the whole process of publication other than by sending prepared files as early as possible.


Publication Right Form
Updated: 28 February 2018