Tantrayana Teachings in Maintaining the Balance of Nature (Critical Study of Environmental Ethics)

Putri Retnosari 1 ,  Endah Imawati 1 ,  Krisna Sukma Yogiswari 2
1 Indonesian language and literature education, IKIP Widya Darma, Surabaya, Indonesia
2 Faculty of Philosophy, Sekolah Tinggi Agama Hindu Negeri, Bali, Indonesia


The background of this research is the understanding of Tantrayana as a madzhab spread across Java, Sumatra and Bali. Although the origin of Tantrayana is from India, this teaching is very strong in Bali and has also succeeded in contributing to the care and preservation of nature. In addition, the environmental problems in Indonesia never end, the teachings of Tantrayana can offer solutions in environmental care. Tantrayana succeeded in making humans obedient and obedient to Together loving nature and the environment. This research offers a critical study of environmental ethics implemented in Tantrayana teachings. This study aims to analyze the form of Tantrayana teachings, describe the forms of environmental ethics contained in Tantrayana teachings and the application of environmental ethics based on Tantrayana teachings in the village of Tapak Siring, Gianyar Bali. The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative method using data triangulation technique. The results that have been achieved include the arrangement of the Tantrayana rituals that are still being practiced by the Balinese people, the understanding of the teachings of Tantrayana which teaches people to love and preserve nature, and the Tantrayana ceremonies that are still being implemented in Bali. Based on the results of the research that has been done, this research is able to show the concept of Tantrayana teachings that are still applied in Tapak Siring Bali and make the surrounding community highly appreciate the universe. This research also offers the development of further research in order to explore the side of Tantrayana in other areas in Indonesia, because Tantrayana is not only in Bali but also in Java and Sumatra. The other side of Tantrayana is very interesting to discuss and study further because the perspective of Tantrayana is still blurry and negative because of the difficult literary language to understand.


Tantrayana, environmental ethics, Bali, education, natural.
Volume 08, 07 Mar 2022
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