Contextualization of Pancasila in The Regional’s Policy to Overcome the Covid-19 in Bali

Kusuma Putri 1 ,  I Putu Adi Permana Putra 2
1 Laboratory of Nusantara Philosophy, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2 Master of Public Administration, Postgraduate Program, Universitas Warmadewa, Denpasar, Indonesia


Since the presence of the Covid-19 pandemic, various policies have been issued by the central govern-ment and regional governments to provide a response to the community in order to maintain safety and good social security for the community.  The form of regional policies as a form of regional government response in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic is in accordance with the social dynamics that occur in the community.  The existence of regional policy will certainly be adaptive and efficient in dealing with Covid-19 in the regions. Conformity is one of the important considerations in determining various poli-cies.   Therefore, this research will focus on the selected regional policy as a strategy to accelerate the re-sponse to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in Bali Province.  The method in this research uses a qual-itative approach with descriptive analysis techniques, that means there is a description that will discuss related themes through primary data obtained from literature studies in strengthening the research.  The results in this research are a form of contextualization of Pancasila in regional policy as an effort to over-come Covid-19 in Bali Province. The values of regional wisdom that grow in Balinese society have rele-vance to the values of Pancasila which make Pancasila a guiding principle for the community.  This also facilitates Balinese regional geniuses to continue exist in every line of people's lives, one of which is through regional policy. This kind of melodic policy making trains regions to act quickly and efficiently in responding to the needs of their communities.  The Traditional Village-based Mutual Cooperation Task Force is a form of regional policy in Bali Province. Through the Covid 19 Task Force, social cohesion forms in the community and becomes a means for the implementation of Pancasila values.  Contextual-ization of Pancasila values becomes the dissemination spaces for every element of community and insti-tutions to always embody the noble values of Pancasila in the life of the nation, state and community both during the pandemic and post-pandemic. 


Pancasila, Regional’s Policy, Covid-19 Pandemic
Volume 8, 07 Mar 2022
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